Who is Aunt Rosie?

Ready for Christmas?

Well if you are anything like me you are not. But this year one thing that is ready is the Ready for Christmas song. The song is actually longer than the average song at 4m 38 sec’ however there are still a shed load of things that I have left out. Things that make Christmas special for lots of different reasons. If I had tried to include them all there simply would not have been space to create a song under 15 minutes long. This raises an issue – will I do another song? perhaps.

But I just wanted to answer one question that I have been asked. Who is Aunt Rosie?

auntie-rose-4auntie-roseAunt Rosie or auntie Rose was actually my great Aunt. She passed away only last year at the ripe old age of 94. She was there as I grew up and the keystone in a large village community that has experience much change since I was little alone. She was a kind woman, educated, thoughtful but human. She made mistakes, could be antagonistic but she never let herself become a victim. She was there with other family members to offer support when I lost my parents, when cousins lost their loved ones and she always made time when there was no time to be had.

What the words Aunt Rosie represents is not just one person but it represents her and all the loved ones that are no longer here, she helped shape their lives and the lives of those that now have their families, her grandchildren and great grandchildren.

That is Aunt Rosie. And at Christmas she always raised a glass of sherry and helped make the meaning of Christmas understood as a time of giving.


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