Christopher’s Smile

Our vision is for every child diagnosed with childhood cancer to not only survive, but to reach adulthood enjoying a good quality of life

Christopher’s Smile was set up in October 2008 after Kevin and Karen Capel lost their son, Christopher in June the same year to an aggressive medulloblastoma brain tumour. Following a 21 month battle with the disease he passed away 9 days before his 6th birthday.

We wanted to find something positive in our tragedy and thought long and hard about the direction we should take. We feel strongly that new treatments are urgently needed for the 20% of children who do not survive their disease along with those children who survive but face a lifetime of post treatment issues.

Christopher’s Smile does not have a specific paediatric tumour focus but instead provides funding for projects that will benefit the largest number of children possible across the childhood cancer community.

The current research funding focus of Christopher’s Smile is the development of tumour DNA sequencing for the analysis of tissue and fluid samples.

Christopher’s Smile is actively campaigning for change on a European platform and we have addressed the European Commission and MEPs in Brussels with the overall aim to improve the outcome for children with cancer.

To find out more about Christopher’s Smile and to make a donation visit: www.christopherssmile.org.uk

A few photos of Christopher’s Smile