About the song

Ready for Christmas…

Hi my name is Russell Turner and with the help of Darren Turner and some very special, talented people I have created Ready For Chrstmas. And it has been a joy to create. It was driven by the underlying thought that I had not heard a new Christmas song in a while and also the fact that I had this tune worming its way into my head and I needed to get it out. This is where my brother suggested that I get the song produced. And so a year went by and nothing happened.

I needed a reason to make it a reality. So I committed myself to producing it for charity. This was in effect closing the door to any excuses. I now had to deliver. Several phone calls, several weeks and we had a line up of people prepared to donate their time and effort to making Ready for Christmas a reality.

For me Christmas has always been a time of reflection, for being fortunate enough to have time to enjoy the celebrations and my health. It was about time that I created a gift that could potentially give year after year for those less fortunate. I hope that you will get into the spirit of Christmas, download the song, enjoy, sing along in the knowledge that your support is greatly appreciated and that I have at last been able to rid myself of the tune worm by sharing it with others.

The song supports two charities

Christopher’s Smile:

A charity dedicated to researching cancer treatments specifically designed to treat children so that young frail bodies do not undergo the same harsh treatments that often more resistant adult bodies are able to ensure. The Charity was set up by Karen and Kevin Capel after losing their son to a brain tumor in 2008.

Following a 21 month battle with the disease Christopher passed away 9 days before his 6th birthday.Karen and Kevin wanted to find something positive in their tragedy and thought long and hard about the direction we should take.

Karen and Kevin became painfully aware that new treatments were and are urgently needed for the 20% of children who do not survive their disease along with those children who survive but face a lifetime of post-treatment issues.
Christopher’s Smile does not have a specific paediatric tumour focus but instead provides funding for projects that will benefit the largest number of children possible across the childhood cancer community. The charity has awarded 6 project grants and raised over 1 million pounds.

The current research funding focus of Christopher’s Smile is the development of tumour DNA sequencing for the analysis of tissue and fluid samples.
The lack of innovative targeted drugs for paediatric trials is of particular concern.  Together Karen and Kevin have actively campaigned for change on a European platform and have addressed the European Commission and MEPs in Brussels.

Christopher’s Smile is campaigning now to ensure post Brexit UK legislation will not contain the loopholes of the European Paediatric Regulation which allows drug companies to restrict paediatric access to their latest drugs.


Ready for Christmas Lyrics


Getting ready for Christmas, Getting ready for Snow
Getting ready for Kisses, Beneath the mistletoe.
Pinned up high, for all to see, Kissing cousins, friends and family…

…are getting ready for Christmas, Dec’ the boughs and halls
Fairy lights and baubles, Cards on the walls.
The brightest star, high upon a tree, Table set for the wise-men three


Ring out the bells, It’s Christmas time again x3


Late shopping late for Christmas, Soap-on-a-rope and a beer
Don’t forget aunt Rosie, And others not here.
Raise a glass, sing Auld Lang Syne, everyone, have a real good time.


Ring out the bells, It’s Christmas time again x3


I’m ready for for Christmas, Have my TV times
Queen’s speech and a movie, Home alone at 9:00.
Follow that star, westward bound, That is where, the new born king is found.


Ring out the bells, It’s Christmas time again x7
Ring out the bells, It’s Christmas x1

Words and Music by Russell Turner